Holosee has developed an end-to-end solution for capturing, generating and streaming photorealistic holograms of real people in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Users can watch recorded content or interact and communicate in real time using the live streaming version with real size holograms in their own room.

About Us

Holosee is a solution for creating realistic high definition holograms for AR/VR. In cinema the human mind recognizes the image of the actor as a true reflection of the person. When it comes to 3D models and computer generated images, the mind, at a subconscious level, recognizes that the image is not a true reflection of a human being, but a 3D model of it. We plan to solve this by offering a tool that creates and streams hi-definition holographic content, using a different approach than classic computer generated images.

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HOLOSEE technology

The hologram capture process is done in our production studio. Our proprietary software then synchronizes, calibrates and processes the raw material to create a real size full 3d photorealistic hologram. The hologram is then uploaded to the cloud servers and is ready to be streamed to the end users. All the user needs to do is use a smartphone or a headset to see the content.


Entertainment industry

You’re interacting in your own room with a live, real-size, full 3D holographic version of the person you're watching, hearing or talking to.
- music
- stand-up comedy
- theatre plays
- cooking shows/master chef cooking classes

Online Sales

In order to reach the maximum potential of VR & AR technology the virtual subject needed to be convincing.
A hologram should not look like a virtual item or a 3D Model, but like a real one.


The user could physically walk in a real maze over which we can overlap any imaginable universe.


HOLOSEE can be used in AD campaigns or public events, offering a whole new experience for the customer.


- children, parents and relatives
- celebrities
- notorious personalities


When learning about our planet you can VISIT a zoo with your child or go back in time to WITNESS a historical event.


- personal trainer
- sport events


A holographic training for any kind of medical procedure is now possible. We bring not only the learning process but the feeling of full immersive proximity.

Key Features

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The ability to watch holograms using an AR/VR headset (Meta 2, Hololens, Magic Leap) or a smartphone (IOS or Android)

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The hologram can be stored locally - or streamed from the cloud

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Our users can view recorded AR holographic content or interact and communicate in real time using our live streaming version

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Sharing holograms with your friends and family

Our Team

Iurie Chischiliov


Сo-owner of Holosee: developed and successfully managed a 10m$/y business for IT integration, performing such projects as Electronic Government of RM

Ispas Alexandru


Film director with a background in engineering. Directed several award winning movies, co-founder of Holosee

Cristian Burungiu

Software Developer

Experienced software engineer and technology enthusiast, C and C++ programming trainer, responsible for mobile application develpoment.

Mihail Bălan

Chief Software Architect

Mihai is a skilled software engineer with previous experience in SCADA systems and with a background in 3D design and CGI. He also loves teaching various computer science topics as a trainer.

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